"Comfort when traveling is the luxury
offered by short journeys."
Author unknown

Stroll through Frankfurt's shopping district as you thrill to a new delight
at every turn.Stalking the malls and boutiques you're sure to fond the 'game' - or anything else - you've been hunting for.

If you're more interested in culture, how about an evening of ballet at the famous Alte Oper? Or visit one of the art galleries near the Römer.

Alte Oper



CineStar METROPOLIS Movie theatre

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You'll find the Main Metropolis just outside the door. So while you're reserving a room also reserve a little free time to dicover the deligts of one of Europe's lively cities. Leave your car at the hotel an stroll to the destination of your choice.

Frankfurt am Main: the Euro-City. Home to many of the world's largest banks - not least of wich is the European Central Bank.
You'll also be in the heart of the Continents trade fair an convention city. Frankfurt is a gateway to the future that's rich with tradition.

Stock Exchange

European Central Bank

Trade Fair

Main Train Station


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